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Post Production Dragon

When I was in my 20‘s back in London everywhere you looked you saw the “Keep Music Live” sticker, a huge yellow disk with red and blue capital letters. It was everywhere, on backpacks, car windows, instrument travel cases, everywhere. I really didn’t get it. […]

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End to Fighting, War, Conflict

At this point in time it’s almost impossible to simply turn off the news, not to read the newspapers and to avoid seeing posts and comments on social networks regarding the ever growing problems in the Middle East or even Eastern Europe. Trying to turn […]

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Flemish Double: Double Dutch

Flemish Double: Double Dutch The Blankers and the Ruckins We hear all too often in the harpsichord world of the curious creature that goes by the name of “Flemish Double”. But what is exactly this Nessie of harpsichords? What do people understand by it? People […]

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As with all high quality classical music recordings, we strongly recommend the use of good quality headphones to enjoy the sound files fully.    Soprano: Wendy Woon Mezzo-soprano: Solgerd Isalv Alto: Tasuku Ishizuka Baritone: David Hughey Baroque Violin: Emanuele Braeda Viola da Gamba: Laurence Pangaro […]

Bode Museum

Yup, this was us pretty much, at the Bode Museum’s open-air event. They might have had more musicians, but we got a bigger audience!


Great season so far. We started with our first German tour in the Bohemian Forest then on to the cathedral boasting the tallest church spire in the world at Ulm Münster on the Danube and last week with our Berlin Debut at the Bode Museum in Berlin to a crowd exceeding 1,000 and live television coverage. Way to go guys!