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Post Production Dragon

When I was in my 20‘s back in London everywhere you looked you saw the “Keep Music Live” sticker, a huge yellow disk with red and blue capital letters. It was everywhere, on backpacks, car windows, instrument travel cases, everywhere. I really didn’t get it. […]

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Italia Phantastica

Italia Fantastica! A programme unfettered geniuses: Sonatas for one violin and harpsichord in the Stylus Phantasticus by  Pandolfi Meali, Isabella Leonarda and others. In the words of the 17th century polymath, Anthansius Kirchner’s: “It is the most free and unrestrained method of composing, it is bound to nothing, […]

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Rameau Re-lived

Rameau Re-lived. The Pièces de Clavecin en Concert by J. P. Rameau for violin or flute with harpsichord and viola da gamba or second violin, is a collection of unusually elegant pieces from a completely new style where the harpsichord no longer accompanies the other instruments but they accompany the harpsichord! […]

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End to Fighting, War, Conflict

At this point in time it’s almost impossible to simply turn off the news, not to read the newspapers and to avoid seeing posts and comments on social networks regarding the ever growing problems in the Middle East or even Eastern Europe. Trying to turn […]

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Flemish Double: Double Dutch

Flemish Double: Double Dutch The Blankers and the Ruckins We hear all too often in the harpsichord world of the curious creature that goes by the name of “Flemish Double”. But what is exactly this Nessie of harpsichords? What do people understand by it? People […]

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Nobile Alemano con il nobile Romano

Incredible motets and passaggiati for single voice and continuo interlaced with out-of-this-world, mind-blowing, toccatas and dance movements from Giovanni Girolamo Kapsperger’s Libro IV for the rare and astonishing combination of chitarrone and continuo, this programme is further added to by pieces for solo chitarrone by […]


One of Europe’s most exciting Early Music ensembles, on the cutting edge of the modern Early Music generation, EGG is a musical collaboration which jolts historical performance practice into the present day with an unusually fresh and modern approach. Currently based in Berlin, EGG finds itself […]