Rameau Re-lived

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Rameau Re-lived. The Pièces de Clavecin en Concert by J. P. Rameau for violin or flute with harpsichord and viola da gamba or second violin, is a collection of unusually elegant pieces from a completely new style where the harpsichord no longer accompanies the other instruments but they accompany the harpsichord! A total role reversal which harpsichordists have enjoyed back then and still do today! Rameau shows his genius in the exquisite writing and his complete understanding of each instrument and how they can work together.


Recording details:

J. P. Rameau: La Livri from the first concert of the Pièces de Clavecin en Concert, written in 1741.

EGG Ensemble, Berlin
Violin: Ingrid Rohrmoser
Viola da Gamba: Frederike Däublin
Harpsichord: Dominic Eckersley

Harpsichord: The Paris Workshop, 2011 After Denis, Paris 1674
Pitch a’=415 Hz
Quilling: European Hooded Crow
Temperament: Equal temperament after Rameau, 1737
Recorded: The EGG Box Studio, Berlin, 05.09.2014
© EGG Ensemble 2014

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