One of Europe’s most exciting Early Music ensembles, on the cutting edge of the modern Early Music generation, EGG is a musical collaboration which jolts historical performance practice into the present day with an unusually fresh and modern approach. Currently based in Berlin, EGG finds itself at the very epicentre of Europe and European musical life and is able to attract musicians from all over Europe to collaborate with EGG’s projects and is likewise able to travel 360 degrees, 365 days in all directions to venues and festivals around Europe.

With its ideal of adhering strictly to historical performance practice for music of the Baroque and Renaissance, of using what they used then and not of being limited by assumed shortcomings such as historical materials and building techniques, crow quill plectra, gut strings, equal tension violin strings, internally scraped oboe reeds, but of being feed by these aspects,  alongside intense research into historical practices and the going one step further than most other ensembles, EGG digs just that little bit deeper to get to the kernel of truth. In this way EGG re-enlivens the Early Music scene by making modern, again, music which was modern then, bringing back to the music what made it so alive and fresh in its own time. EGG doesn’t believe in limitations, only liberations! This results, on the one hand, in performances which are vivacious, crisp and tenacious, and on the other hand subtle, intimate and tantalizing.

Egg is not only a ‘‘must hear“, but also a ‘‘must see“ band of highly motivated and motivating artists.

“I think of EGG as sort of a dynamic music workshop in action. I think that EGG rather than trying to make a splash should become a Berlin presence […] in the area in various configurations becoming part of the local early music consciousness. It could be almost a live action Baroque music blog. EGG should never be presented or understood as a final product… that’s an outmoded way of thinking that belongs to conservatory squares. Eggs are never square. EGG is always an egg… never born, always a work in progress. A draft of a draft of a draft!“ Laurence Pangaro

The winner of numerous grants from the Swedish Grants Committee, EGG was received enthusiastically in July 2013 at its Berlin debut at the Bode Museum Open-Air concert series, the last concert of EGG’s 2013 German Tour. The debut was attended by an audience of over 1,000 people and was broadcast on RBB television and radio.


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