That’s d’amore


That’s d’Amore

Unusual pieces from the German High Baroque for two Oboes d’amore and two Violae d’amore with viola and continuo. Full of dark and cosy sonorities, the lively music brings an unexpected twist to the programme. The Oboes d’amore with their EGG shaped bells entreat with a haunting while both raucous and sweet tone, while the Violae d’amore which abound with sympathetic strings which, much as with love, are brought to vibrate when others are sounded, bring a breadth and ephemeral quality to both compliment and contrast the double reeds.

Included works:

Anon: Suite for 2 oboes d’amore, violae d’amore, basso continuo
Anon: Suite for 2 violae d’amore, oboe, basso continuo
Hoffmann: Concerto for 2 oboes d’amore, 2 violae d’amore, viola & cello
Hoffmann: Trio for 2 violae d’amore and basso continuo

This is a very rare combination and well worth hearing (and seeing!)

  •  7 Musicians:
  • Two Violae d’amore
  • Two Oboe d’amore
  • Viola
  • Harpsichord
  • Cello/Viola da Gamba



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