EGG is always interested to hear from individuals or companies considering sponsoring any aspect of the group’s activities, either directly or through gifts in kind. To discuss donating, please send an email to at:, or drop a note into the form below. You can also use the PayPal button below. All donations will be recognised on this site and in future concert programmes.

Most urgent on EGG’s wish-list is a soft travel case for our Italian harpsichord. A zip-closure carry bag will enable EGG to get to concerts using public transportation throughout Europe rather than having to use cabs and rental vehicles which are both financially and environmentally costly. Your help in keeping us green and solvent is greatly appreciated.

Great news! The long wished-for travel bag for EGG’s Italian harpsichord has found a sponsor. Thank you so much, dear Sponsor. EGG is now liaising with various companies specialising in such travel bags to use the gift in the wisest way.

EGG is also about to commence a crowd-funding campaign to get a new CD underway. Project Rameau is EGG’s hope for sponsorship to record its debut CD of the Pieces de Claveçin en Concert by J-P. Rameau in Rameau’s advocated tuning temperament–Equal Temperament! Please click on the link below for more details.

Project Rameau

More great news!! EGG has just received a very handsome and extremely kind pledge of financial assistance towards its Project Rameau fund drive. There is still a long way to go but what a great start that is! Thank you to our latest sponsor!

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