An Impressum, or information page, is required by German law for websites of businesses based in Germany and certain forms of information are required, as below.

Company Description:

EGG is an ensemble performing music in accordance with Historically Informed Performance principles. The company is based in Berlin and enjoys the collaboration of artists from all over the world in its work which is likewise international.

EGG is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against individuals on grounds of ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, nationaltiy or physical disability.

EGG’s business form, under German law, is that of Einzelunternehmer, or Sole Proprietorship. Under German law EGG is registered with the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Bureau)  in order to be able to provide full-time employees with state required health and retirement insurance benefits. EGG is registered with the Berlin Finanzamt (Internal Revenue Service), and is liable for Mehrwertsteuer (Value Added Tax/Sales Tax) at 7%.


In accordance with German law, where the company is registered, all persons employed by EGG, or tasked by EGG to create materials for EGG are granted sole copyright on any such materials. This copyright does not extend to EGG and allows EGG unlimited use of all such materials whose copyrights are held by such individuals who created the materials. In contrast, and in accordance with British Common Law, and as recognised by International Copyright Law, EGG’s proprietor, Dominic Eckersley, as a holder of a British passport is granted copyright world wide on all materials he himself creates, these being recognised as his Intellectual Property, regardless of his domicile, which includes all materials in this website that are not already covered by German law.


Dominic Eckersley


Willhelmsstrasse 119a
10963 Berlin

Tel: +49.163.7430224
Web address:


Betriebsnummer (company identification number): 25015766

Steuernummer (tax number): 14/271/00311

Berlin 2014

EGG is registered with the Deutsches Musikinformationszentrum


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